Why is Lionel the most popular train

Posted on March 1st, 2010 by engineer in Train Track Resources

I think Lionel Trains are the most popular, because of their history, and quality. Lionel Trains were first invented in 1901, by Joshua Lionel Cohen. The train that changed the toy industry, was thought of when Mr. Cohen was window shopping in NYC. He spotted a push train in a toy store window, and thought how great it would be for it to run on its own, without pushing it. He had toyed with battery operated items, when he tried to make a motorized fan, one particularly hot summer, in 1900. He took this previous knowledge, and put together the first motorized electric train ever. The Lionel
Manufacturing Company, which Mr. Cohen founded with his partner Harry C. Grant, had their first toy to manufacture. However the first train they produced, the Electric Express, was not manufactured as a toy, but as a toy display, for toy stores. The first toy store to use the display, was Ingersoll’s, the very same toy store that Cohen saw the push train in, and gave him the idea. Through the years the trains were updated, with new additions to the sets. It is said that no one benefited from electricity like the electric train. That was in 1910, and the Lionel Trains had become a big business.

The birth of the Lionel Train, seems simple enough, but for the time was an awesome invention, that changed the toy industry forever. Joshual Lionel Cohen invented the electric train by fitting a simple train flatcar, with a motorized engine on the underside of it. The electric train was born. It became a big item for window shoppers mainly in NYC. It is reported that Lionel has sold more than 50 million electric trains, and more than 300 miles of tracks per year. Lionel Trains aer well built, and are family heirlooms handed down for years.

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