Need Small? Collect N Scale Model Trains with N Scale Layouts

Posted on February 14th, 2010 by engineer in Train Track Ideas

The “N” in N Scale model trains stands for the number nine; the space between the rails used for these trains is nine millimeters. N scale layouts and trains are significantly smaller than the other popular scales of model train: O and HO, making this ideal for those model train hobbyists who don’t necessarily have a lot of room to devote to their hobby but want to maximize their use of space. N scale is also a good choice for those who want to run longer trains in their layouts.

These trains have the advantage of being smaller and lighter and as such, they need less power than do the larger model railroad scales. Even with their smaller size, these trains generally have a lot of detail and realism, often more than O and HO scale trains. N scale trains allow hobbyists to create complex layouts which have a lot of realism in far less space than a larger scale train may take. This makes this scale of model trains a great choice for transporting layouts to expositions and other public exhibits. These trains are used enough that hobbyists have access to a wide variety of scenery elements and accessories for their N scale model railroads.

You can find scenery for these trains which are just as detailed and realistic as those available for larger scales. There are also N scale steam locomotives which make real steam due to their use of boilers. Another advantage of these smaller trains is that you can use batteries or an ordinary power supply to run your model railroad. N scale model trains are small enough that you can set up your layout even if you live in a smaller apartment or have only half of a room to dedicate to your hobby. You can make even large and elaborate model railroad N scale layouts on one relatively small plywood sheet which can be transported with ease – you can look at examples of these layouts online, including videos. You can also find instructional videos and books which can help you to get started building your own layouts. Many people are of the opinion that a less popular scale such as N scale doesn’t offer a lot of choices to hobbyists in terms of accessories and scenery items – but as it happens, there is plenty available to N scale enthusiasts. While you might not see everything you’re looking for in a local hobby shop, you can easily find all of the N scale accessories you need on the web.

There are websites which specialize in sets and accessories for this scale of model train and its N scale layouts. Those who are newer to the hobby or to this scale will find a lot to like about Bachman’s N scale model railroad sets such as the White Christmas Express. This set includes enough track for a 34″ by 24″ oval, a steam locomotive, a tender car, two cars and caboose as well as a power pack, a working headlight and speed controller. There are also plenty of other choices – Bachman offers a wide variety of other sets and accessories which anyone who loves N scale model trains is sure to love.

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