Model Train Layout Plans – The Basic Components

Posted on March 3rd, 2010 by engineer in Train Track Layouts

The Basic Components of Model Train Layout Plans
Models trains are a fun activity to be shared with the entire family, and whether you plan on a small layout or a larger one incorporating a number of parts and details, you will need basic components to make your model train layout a success. This article will detail some basic components of model train layout plans.

You will need straight and curved track. You can make your track go ’round and ’round with only curved track, but straight track gives you more options in design. And if you don’t have straight end track, you will need to have stub end track that has buffers on each end and will make your train go in reverse.

Add a spur line to your model train layout plan. Adding one of these will give you the opportunity for switch off the main track. You may then need to get a Y-end. A Y-end will give you a turnaround track if you add three switches at the end of your straight track.

In addition, you can add a passing loop to your model train layout plan. You can add a second spur, in the the opposite direction, to the original track. This will give you a passing loop. A paddle line enables the train to loop continuously and return to its starting point. The straight track will circle around and rejoin on the opposite. You’ll need a switchback. When the train reaches the end of a stub end, it will reverse onto a switchline, and then onto a third line.

Your model train layout plan will be limited by the space you have available. You can research more plans if you are short on ideas in magazines and on the internet.

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