How to make a plaster tunnel for your train track

Posted on March 8th, 2010 by engineer in Train Track Ideas

Making a plaster tunnel for your model train layout can be as easy or as difficult as you choose. The size or gauge of your model train will dictate the dimension of the tunnel you build. The type of tunnel you build will be dictated by the type of train layout you are building. You may decide to
create a tunnel that will go through a mountain, or you may build a tunnel which may serve as a mountain. Once you have determined the type of tunnel design you wish to create you are ready for the next steps.

If your tunnel is going through a mountain you only need entry and exit portals. There are several molds available at your local hobby shop to help you create portals from plaster. The plaster is mixed according to the package directions poured into the molds and allowed to harden. Remove the hardened portals from the molds. Paint the plaster portals and cover with a protective acrylic coating for durability.

Modeling plaster is used to create a tunnel that will serve as a mountain on your layout. Create a form or armature from crumpled paper covered with plastic wrap or chicken wire covered with plastic wrap. Soak strips of paper in slurry of watered down plaster and cover the shape with the
strips. Prepare the modeling plaster as directed. Apply the plaster to the shape and mold the plaster with damp hands. Create a surface that looks natural. Allow the tunnel to dry. Remove the tunnel from the armature and paint as desired. Finish the tunnel with a protective acrylic finish.

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